All children worldwide have the
right to grow up healthy -
the new “Kids Gym Apparat Greifswald” contributes to it.

It is back, the “thing with a kick”.

  • scientific multifunctional kids gym apparatus for all children from age 3 to 7 years for an early physical education
  • sport and movement with much fun and joy
  • huge variety of combinations possible
  • very different moving possibilities, e. g. sports competitions
  • advances mobility, coordination and reactivity
  • improves the integration and the social behaviour
  • encourages children’s kinetic capabilities
  • easy to handle and to build up
  • fast conversion possible
  • compact and space-saving
  • the multifunctional “Kids Gym Apparat Greifswald” replaces a lot of separate equipment

The “Kids Gym Apparat Greifswald” has been successfully used for almost 60 years to help the kinetic development and to establish the elementary, coordinative and conditional abilities in more than a thousand in- and external day care facilities for children. It is particularly successful because it’s a multipurpose apparatus that can be used in many variants by three to seven year old children.

Many tests and examinations by physicians and sports scientists have proven: 15 to 19 % of the first graders are overweight, partly even obese. The reasons are unhealthy nutrition and especially the lack of movement.

Parts of the extensive preventive measures are manifold kinds of supports for health and increased sports in the kindergartens, pre-school facilities, schools and clubs as well as the project “Bewegter Kindergarten” (“moving kindergarten”) that was launched by the federal government, the state governments and the state associations for sports. Many day care facilities for children are qualifying themselves to “sports kindergartens”. Everything along the lines of the Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel “We must become the culture republic Germany.”

The “Kids Gym Apparat Greifswald” is suitable for children, it prompts the fantasy and grants the corresponding general conditions for an extensive offer of different combination possibilities. We are confident that our children enjoy playing and exercising with the apparatus, that they are able to move more intensively, that they learn a better social behaviour and because of that a meaningful contribution for a healthy, moving and sporty life can be achieved.

After nearly 20 years of absence the “Kids Gym Apparat Greifswald” is available again in a slightly modified version. Nearly all of the separate parts of the new apparatus are compatible with the original one.

scientific reports

  • Prof. Dr. Peter Hirtz, emeritus professor for movement- and training science at the Ernst-Moritz-Arndt-University Greifswald, 2nd March 2008
    read report
  • Prof. Dr. Willi Schröder, emeritus professor for theory and history of sports science at the Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena,
    9th March 2008
    read report