Safety instructions

The “Kids Gym Apparat Greifswald” was checked, licensed and certified after the DIN EN 1176 by the Technical Inspection Agency.

The following safety instructions are to heed and to keep:

    • The multipurpose Kids Gym Apparatus should only be used under the supervision of a trained and adult person.
    • Jewellery, earrings and necklaces have to be taken off before the training.
    • By training in vertical position it has to be ensured that children can't touch lamps, ventilators or similar attachments on the ceiling.
    • In the vertical positions the beams supporting the stand have to be covered with mattresses. If ladders or horizontal bars higher than one meter are being used, the area underneath has to be covered with mattresses as well.
    • While putting the horizontal bars in it has to be ensured that they are properly tightened so that they can't be turned while using them.
    • The separate parts like horizontal bars, ladders, multipurpose board, lid and balance beam can only be used by two children maximum at the same time.
    • The two steps in the middle of the front side of the apparatus can be unscrewed. If you do this you always take off both steps together.
    • While using the apparatus the adult caring-staff needs to make sure that the children don't put their fingers into the fitting of the horizontal bars at the basic apparatus. The children have to be instructed.
    • The apparatus is suitable for the indoor- and outdoor area. Unused the apparatus has to be stored only inside.